March 30, 2008


Manjal Kamalai Productions perumayudan vazhangum
CABTUN in & as

-Savior of Earth

Starring Cabtun as father & son.
First time in the history of Indian cinema Battany Squares as heroine.
Kedhuvaran as (crooked) head of MASA.

Now for the story….

Scene 1:
A group of scientists are having a serious discussion in the conference room of MASA. The discussion is about the threat posed to mother earth by the aliens from Mars. Yes, MASA came to know it by taping the conversation between the head of the aliens & an allakai alien. Now everyone is worried about how to save mother earth? At this point tea is supplied to everyone in the room. The tea boy says “hmmm idhukka ivlo periya discussion. There is only one person who can save the earth. He is Mannarasu (CABTUN in appa role)”. Everybody unanimously cheers and decides to send Mannarasu to fight the aliens.

Scene 2:
Appa CABTUN intro. A group of good hearted scientist approaches Kedhuvaran (who is one of the Villains) and asks him to send Mannarusu to mars to destroy the alien forces. They justify there choice by explaining him the good deeds of Mannarasu. Inga than cabtunukku intro song vekkirom. The song will be penned by the great???!!!! Lyricists Borerarasu and meejik by the great graveyard music director SK Deva. And without fail we r showing the colourful flag of cabtun throughout the song. Mannarasu has a beautiful family. His wife Laxmi is a homely lady. Their 10 years old son, Vinnarasu is a very good boy who excels in studies & exceeds in size.

Scene 3:
Mannarasu, Kedhuvaran & a group of other scientists come to a decision that Mannarasu himself will go to mars in a rocket and destroy the aliens using a electronically programmed special machine gun. Namma cabtun avaroda zippu vecha shoevayum, torch vacha thoppium (need this very much as space will be dark. Yaarum padathula logic illanu solla koodadhu parunga) pottukittu rocketla kelambararu. The day he started his journey was diwali. So he gets loads n loads of crackers to his son. Ellarukkum tata kaatitu he started his journey. He lands in Mars and to his shock he finds that the special gun is programmed wrongly. Being unarmed he kills 100 aliens by the reverse kick, 100 by showing his face in close up and another 100 by giving a patriotic speech. But alas while cabtun was giving speech a group of aliens hit him @ his pinmandai and captures him. He is put in a jail which has no doors. Yes it’s a jail that has dangerous infra rays as its walls(technology has improved so much you know).

Scene 4:
In earth Mannarasu’s family is worried as there is no news from him. Years pass by. Now Mannarasu’s son Vinnarasu has grown up. Laxmi now tells the flashback to his son. After hearing the story Vinnarasu decides to save his father. He approaches MASA to send him to Mars. The board refuses to do so. Kedhuvaran’s secretary Battany Squares gets mayangified in Vinnarasu’s beauty???!!! He approaches Vinnarasu and says that her boss is the villain. Vinnarasu workouts a plan to go to Mars (Indha scenku munadi oru duet song kattayam undu). Vinnarasu now builds rocket???!!! by using the crackers tat his father gave for diwali. He promises his mom that he’ll bring back father and starts his journey to Mars with Battany Squares.

Scene 5:
Vinnarasu lands on MARS and parks his rocket in a secret place. He starts searching his father. He follows an alien and finds the secret prison and his father. Inga than appavum paiyyanum maari maari pasatha piliyuranga (Padathula sentiment illanu yaarum sollidakoodadhula). Vinnarasu is thinking of how to break the walls of the prison, as if he touches it he’ll get killed by the current. Suddenly an idea gets flashed to his mind. He lits his beedi and oodhifies the smoke towards his father. Voila the infra rays gets disappeared and Mannarasu is freed. Father and son together sets bombs all over Mars. Adhu varaikkum aliens enna panranganu yaarum kekka koodadhulla. Adhukku than we have a item number by Battany Squares. Before the aliens realize that they’ve been fooled, the awesome threesome escapes in the rocket and the evil planet explodes.

Mannarasu informs US president about Kedhuvaran. Kedhuvaran is arrested and sentenced to death. Mannarasu becomes the new head of MASA. Vinnarasu becomes the president of US

P.S: If anyone comes forward to produce this film, I’m ready to direct it without getting a penny