February 9, 2008

Agent Blue

The agents in Blue have certain things in common…
They clean the places which look centuries old.
They kill little Micro-organisms which discuss strategies to spread deadly diseases.
All these agents appear on the so called idiot box during the prime time when we sit in front of the box with a plate of delicious food.
Still couldn’t identify the agent???
Yes it’s nothing but a Toilet cleaner.
These advertisements show you toilets cleaned long ago say during the bagavadhar period which will make you puke the moment u see it. Idhula koduma ennana they’ll zoom in the toilet to show the microorganisms. Avlo closeupla parka adhu enna Aishwarya Rai facea? And the animation used here voila. U would never imagine a germ like that (room pottu design pannuvangalo). After pouring this cleaning agent all the germs die which is shown again by zooming in (ada kadavule). In addition they’ll bring in a TV celebrity to challenge for a clean & sparkling toilet.
This is how the ad actually goes . . .

Indhamma : Hai! Neengala. Vaanga. Want to have something to eat?
Andhalu : Show me the toilet!
(Me : En anga than sappida poriya??)

Indhamma : Oh you've come for the clean toilet challenge is it?
Andhalu : Yes, what do you think about this toilet?
(Me : Katti mudicha naalla irundhu clean pannalunnu nallave theriyudhu!!)

Indhamma : Konjam stains irukku.
(Me : Konjama..adipavi??!!!!)
Andhalu : Do you think that these stains would go?

Indhamma : Definitely not. I've tried various methods, no use.
Andhalu : Ok, lets go to the challenge. Pour our liquid and wait for 15 mins. Now pour water and here you go!

Indhamma : Wow, evalo azhaga aagiduchu en toilet! Nalla vasana kooda varudhu.
(Me : Karumam. Toilet-la enna yezhavu azhagu vaendi kadakku?? Vasana varudhunnu adha living rooma matha mudiyuma???)

So if you are kinda busy with work, use the celebrity to get ur toilet cleaned. Toiletum clean aagum, neengalum tv-la vandha madhiri irukkum:)


Nanda Nachimuthu said...

//இங்கதான் சனியன் சம்மணம் போட்டு உக்காந்து சடை பின்ன ஆரம்பிச்சுது

//கடற்கரையில் சிறிது நேரம் காற்று வாங்கிவிட்டு (விலை என்னன்னு கேக்காதீங்க pls)

//நீ தான் நல்லா எழுதுவியே Blogla account create பண்ணேன்னு சும்மா இருந்தவளை சொறிஞ்ட்டு போய்ட்டான் என் தம்பி.

very good humour sense.thodarndhu ezhudhavum.


Vidhya Chandrasekaran said...

Thanks for ur encouragement nanda