September 10, 2008


My hunger for treating my taste buds had led me to try out different cuisines @ various restaurants. And the hunt continues. I just wanted to share my experiences.

And here i go.....

Last sunday after a long discussion me and my husband decided to step into Giorgio in besant Nagar for dinner. (Usually my kitchen mostly remains closed on weekends). I've been to this place already (Thanks to Vivek, my ex-colleague. He was the one who introduced this place to me). It was almost 9 p.m when we entered there. We started with Tortilla soup which was tangy and yummy. For starter we went for a plate of mixed veg kebabs and veg momos.
It was also too good. Hubby chose chimi changas - mexican for his main course. This one used to be better in Don Pepe. My choice was paneer veg shashilk which belongs to turkey. It was ok but not so good. We were so filled that we were not able to have any desserts. The bill was around 800 (a bit costly, but the food makes u forget that).

Location : Besant Nagar (opp to nilgiris)

Type : Multi Cuisine - Continental

Buffet : Available for lunch. Didnt try yet.

Choice of Veg : High

Cost : Meal for two will cost around 900.

Note : All the reviews are only on vegetarian platters:)


Arun Kumar said...

next time when i visit chennai definitely i will have my dinner at this place..

have ever visited vasantha's cafe indira nagar..adayar??

you can have real experience of real south Indian + real north Indian dishes around

Vidhya Chandrasekaran said...

Oh thanks arun..yet to visit the place u've lemme know the exact location..will try definitely.