September 16, 2008

Women and Financial Insecurities

A few days back my servant maid told me that she will not come for a day or two as her niece committed suicide. Further she told that the girl burnt herself leaving behind two kids of age 3 years and 6 months because her husband left her and married someone else. I thought that the girl did so as she was afraid of running the family and raising the children etc...

One more incident flashed in my mind was the unexpected death of my uncle in a road accident. His wife does not know anything about the cash flow that my uncle made. What she knew was how much he earned. That's it. We came to know that he had an insurance policy and a claim was made for that. She doesn't know his husband's account pin number and other details. People r fighting to recover the money my uncle had given to others.

This incidents bought in a series of thoughts in me and the result is this blog.

Generally women are comfortable in paying bills, shopping and taking care of their kids. They just manage the house with whatever their husbands give. Working women also fall in the same category. only difference is that they earn some money. But that also disappears in the list above or it goes for paying some EMI's. Most of the indian women get shattered both financially and mentally after the death of their husband or when they leave them for some damn reasons. There are women who handle the situation neatly but the percentage is reasonably low.

What i personally feel is that women should be aware of the cash flow happening around the family. Instead of getting satisfied in vital tasks like running the family it's better to have a separate investment for them. The small amount of money u save in ur day to day life, if invested carefully can fetch u a huge amount later. Because anything can happen at anytime.

Men should also take the responsibility of making their wife aware about the cash flows they make, investments, bank account details and other money related matters.

P.S: Men do make sure that the awareness u create is not misused:)


Arun Kumar said...


this is good awareness posting. of course most of indian girls habit is becoming like adamant innocent to their husband after marriage. you witness the same with most of the peoples hail from northen part of india and southern part of tamilnadu.

recently i witnessed the same kind of incidence . one of my co worker badly injured in a accident .. he had enough savings and insurances ..but his wife don't know anything about those..the sadness is she is also a software engineer.

Vidhya Chandrasekaran said...

Yes..Mostly educated women are falling as a prey infact.